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If I only had this as a kid

How to play with shadows ;) - Collection of super handy and creative hacks, tips and ideas.


Crafts with Bed Sheets & Linens for Kids : Arts & Crafts Activities with Sheets for Children, Teens, and Preschoolers

It's in another language, but you can tell by looking at the pictures how to do these. :)

Come and try these out in our popular exhibit, Shadow Safari! Ideas for groundhog day.

Learn how to make awesome shadows: Vintage Instructions: Hand Shadows Create Animals

Shadow Hand Puppets, Free Collection of hand shadow puppets, learn how to make our shadow puppets, animals & patterns on your wall

hand shadow puppets for kids - Buscar con Google

Shadow Puppet Animals BLUE - Fine art print of a whimsical Victorian antique illustration

Making Shadow Puppets with Sheet and Light----Butterfly yes....the others hahahah what??!!

Shadows with the hands. Who has not ever played shadows with the hands? You never know when you are going to need them to entertain to your kids.


post pics i wanna see : D. don't forget to thumb<br /> /user/hundredninjas more OC,. saving this for when I have kids.

shadow puppets!!

Brownie Bowl Sundaes