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Huntington-Whiteley’s stylist, Cher Coulter, was on hand to help direct the images, which were taken in Los Angeles by Naj Jamai

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Hand-drawn arrow graphics // Free Download

Simple arrows to go in the corner of images on contents page. However may be a little too small and therefore may not stand out.

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acid-corrosion cast of arteries --- Gunther von Hagens ---

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In this image it looks like she is missing her lower jaw, which makes the image more disturbing especially with the ways her hands are mutilated and covered in blood. The way she is holding her head looks like she is in agony. The black background represents an endless void. This is a close up shot and the camera is level but her head is tilted to give the feeling of anguish.

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10 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

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This makes me think about the idea that the monster is a psychological one. What does it represent in the girl's psyche? Loss of innocence?

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