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Make an xray machine. Provide gloves, masks, and stuff to play doctor. Labels for major bones and organs.


Pair Of Hand In Hand Gloves

Gorgeous Hand in Hand Gloves hand knitted from Italian extra fine Merino wool.Our Hand in Hand gloves are sold as a pair of adults gloves and guarenteed to put a smile on faces. They are perfectly functional and leave one childs hand free to put in a pocket or touch they like to do :) Please note, not all colour size combinations are available. We will contact you if this is the case with your order.Our Gorgeous Hand in Hand Gloves are hand knitted from 100% Italian extra…


[a cast of my left hand in the shape of a] Glove v. 3, 10" x 5" x 2", thread, hair, found trimmings and pins, 2008 > NAVA LUBELSKI: artworks