Hand forged wrench knife by TheKingsForge on Etsy

Hand forged knife made from a wrench Overall length: 10 Blade length: Handle length: 4 Blade thickness: Blade width:

Hand forged knife from an old chainsaw

Hand forged knife from an old chainsaw

Lazy Bend Hand-Forged Knife by Oaks Bottom Forge on Scoutmob Shoppe

Lazy Bend Hand-Forged Knife

Vintage Stamped Cheese Spreader Knives – Set of 4 by Woodenhive available at Scoutmob now.

Zombie Tools 是一个专门制作…@愉快犯丶C采集到好(6745图)_花瓣

Zombie Tools line of weapons. For my Ninja Pirate I want something like a mix between their D'Captain Saber and the Reaver Cleaver with a Japanese styled grip, hamon line, and possibly some designs on the flat of the blade.

Hand forged herb chopper by NagelHausForge on Etsy

Hand forged herb chopper made from a farrier's rasp. Forge colored and hardened. Coated with polyurethane for rust resistance.

Guinea Hog Forge: The Razorback - A Hand-Forged Hog Sticker

Scott forged this GHF Razorback over coal at the Harnett County Regional Fair in Lillington, NC back in May and just got around to heat tre.