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How Drumming Changed My Life

"How Drumming Changed My Life" is referring to West African dance and music, but it's an inspirational piece nonetheless.


Make a DIY hand drum!

Make this fun diy musical instrument - a hand drum! Such a fun DIY toy for kids, and a craft that kids can help make, decorate, and play with afterward.


See our gallery of Native American drums for sale, to find the best in Native rawhide drums. Created by hand, our drums are made with a variety of hides including goat, deer, elk, buffalo, moose and horse. Customers often use our Pow wow drums and Native American hand drums in drumming circles, pow wows, Native ceremonies, and home decor. Check out our wide variety of drum styles from the Apache, Tarahumara, Shoshone, Navajo, Cherokee, Pueblo and Sioux, for great choices in Native drums.


Native Aspen Rawhide Log Drum 7.5"x5" (pd5a)

Our Native American drums are perfect for drumming groups, personal meditation, Native ceremonies, and for use as southwest decor. All of our drums are handcrafted with quality craftsmaship and have beautiful resonating sound. See our wide selection of hand drums, table drums, pow wow drums and more at


Keith Moon moved his hands and arms like an octopus, just like his mentoring idol before him- Mr. Gene Krupa


Native American Elk Hand Drum 15" -Shoshone (hdab)

Native American Elk Hand Drum 15"" -Shoshone (hdab)

Chinese Hand Drum

Activities: Chinese Hand Drum....cardboard or plastic with construction paper on dowel


Materials two balloons a round plastic container two elastic bands art supplies to decorate the drum (optional) piece of material for stuffing stick or tree branch measuring about ½ inch in diameter, and 12 inches long string or wool (optional) Instructions