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Hand reference by *Pikishi on deviantART. Here's something that you can look at when you want to draw hands properly.

Gray's Anatomy - Posterior surface of the forearm. Superficial muscles.

tricyclesinskirts: Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body: Posterior surface of the forearm, superficial muscles. Note how there aren’t any muscles in the fingers. Your fingers are controlled by tendons that connect to muscles in the forearm.

☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Anatomy. Human hand. Illustration. Surgical Anatomy ( by Joseph Maclise.

Destroyed human hand - this image branches on ideas for our film like, what do humans look like in our world? Our they torn apart by ginormous spiders? Why is this persons hand like this?

✨ Pinterest: ash_ january

✨ Pinterest: ash_ january

Radiographic Anatomy - Hand AP

Radiographic Anatomy - Hand AP Click through for the rest of the routine views.

академический рисунок руки - Поиск в Google

Old master drawings, construction, synthetic form and Glenn Vilppu.