Marcus' First Armor Set by 2KEternal7 on deviantART

Before Omega, well before he was a Titan, back when he was a Spartan. Basically he was issued an old MJOLNIR Mark-IV armor set that was upgraded numerou. Marcus' First Armor Set

Pepakura Halo Armor. One day I'll have the patience to finish my own.... One day...

Halo armor

Didn't put any fiberglass and aqua resin on it but it's pretty awesome considering it isn't as easy as it looks XD believe me

HALO 4 Armor

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armour/Defender is a Mjolnir armor variant used by SPARTAN-IV.


Read HALO NEBULA part 1 from the story MY OC book by (Kj the wolf husky) with 83 reads. A group of Spartans journey into th.

Demonstration of New Armor Abilities by GRANDBigBird on deviantART

Noble Team has come back to show us some kickass armor abilities. Oh one more thing: Pacific Rim was freaking awesome! HALOO comics produced by ------. Demonstration of New Armor Abilities

SPARTAN-C195 - 2558 by Guyver89 on DeviantArt

I'm working on an "IN ARMOR" Roster of Fire Team QUIVER now too.

HALO 4 Armor

Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Enforcer is a variant of Mjolnir manufactured by Imbrium.

Halo Armor in the making

Build Halo Armor

Halo Armor in the making

DIY - Halo Armor Suit | Funny Dumpster

Love the striped warning lines on the joints, just wish there was some instructions on how to make it.