Mason jar, water, red food coloring, bag of zombie eyeballs from dollar store...halloween decoration, scary eyes in a jar

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Halloween tape ghost. Wrap a person in sections in packing tape. Sticky side out first then sticky side on top. Then cut down the side and tape together at the end. Fun if you spray glow in the dark paint on it and hang it from a tree or hide it in your house!!

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I wanted to create my own take on Sally, so I redesigned her outfit and made it out of fabric remnants. Then used yarn to simulate large stitches. I found the perfect tights at Halloween Spirit store and paired the outfit with my favorite old pair of leather ankle boots. The temporary red hair dye acted more like hair spray and somehow managed to make my big hair even bigger. I had so much fun bringing Tim Burton's infamous rag doll to life.

Finally found some good info about making string dolls, thought I'd share :)

Officially licensed Daenerys costume dress at Halloween Spirit store

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