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The Haitian Revolution. A League of Their Own. 👑👑👑

A delegation of nine Haitian senators left the country Friday towards Cuba where they will participate in the ceremonies of homage to Fidel Castro, the father of the Cuban revolution. Meanwhile, Haitiano-Cuban professional societies and civil society organizations will hold activities in Haiti.

Jean Jacques Dessalines, hero of the Haitian Revolution. The recent presentation from Black History Studies entitled "Slavery Is Not Our History" detailed many of the ways in which enslaved African people liberated themselves and fought against kidnapping, genocide and mass enslavement in Africa, on board the slave ships, on many Caribbean islands, and in South America and the United States.

theafricanfilmfestival: Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave rebellion in the 18th century that sparked the Haitian Revolution. Coming to Philadelphia this summer? Stay tuned.

The Haitian Revolution, a SLAVE uprising, frightened even those most sympathetic to revolutionary idealism. Thomas Jefferson himself refused to acknowledge its legitimacy.

1849- Faustin Soulouque, President of Haiti, has himself crowned Emperor. A freed slave, Soulouque had fought in the Haitian Revolution and worked his way up through the military of the new state. Appointed president at age 65 by Haiti's ruling elite because they thought he would be malleable, he surprised them by establishing a secret police and removing old power brokers from their positions through layoffs and/or murders. Soulouque's bid for personal autocracy will last almost ten…