* * RATTIE: " Nowz to find me a hairless kitteh and be friends. We couldz sure relate ! "

"Nowz to find meez a hairless kitteh ands be friends. Weez could sure relate.

hairless cat and hairless rat

Bizarre BFFs: Unlikely But Awwwsome Animal Friends [PICS

Hairless rats make wonderful pets, but they do require a little more care than their furry counterparts and can suffer from a higher incidence of certain health problems.

Common Hairless Rat Health Problems

Hairless rats make for wonderful pets but when it comes to breeding them one must consider their peculiarities and their special needs. Read more on the proper husbandry and breeding of hairless rats here.

Hairless rat - OMG love the feet and the little hands....just wanna kiss that nose!!!

I swear if I ever get a rodent again, it WILL be a hairless rat.

We saw these at the pet supply place today - so sweet and ugly :) /// hairless rat... so very soft and warm.

We saw these at the pet supply place today - so sweet and ugly :) /// hairless rat.

Hairless pet rat care tips

Tips to Take Care of Your Hairless Pet Rat

Hairless Rat Care

How to Care for a Hairless Rat

Hairless rats make ideal pets as long as their needs for warmth are met. They can be paired with furred rats.

Cute American Hairless Terrier puppy

The American Hairless Terrier's origins are unique in that the whole breed originated from a single hairless Rat Terrier female born in

Hairless rat - ugliest lil guy

"Who in the hell shaved me when I was passed out drunk?" No shaving here, for this little fella has a hairless gene; he was born naked!

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The Thing Is These Memes Of Rats Are Surprisingly Good

Earlier this year my girlfriend finally convinced me to get two Male rats. Of course, I thought I'd accepted becoming a social pariah for sure.