Intelligence, jumping skills, and lengthy toes are what makes Cornish Rex cat amazing. This intelligent breed of cat has the skills to open doors, hang on different objects and can even rummage on your closets.

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The Donskoy cat is a breed of cat known also by several other names including the Don Sphinx, Russian Donskoy, Russian Hairless and Don Hairless, is a unique breed of cat that is a great family pet.

Amazing Facts You Have to Know About Donskoy Cat

baby hairless cats - Cute when they are tiny kittens like they are here but in my opinion when they aren’t kittens they aren’t so cute anymore, again that’s my opinion

Sphynx - Affectionate Cat Breeds

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dictionary definition of "cute" - ugly but interesting hehe (I think he is cute in the good way, I LOVE these cats)

What a beautiful Rex. This Devon Rex has a very unique expression. I'd like to cuddle him inside my jacket. :) Like it's name: the Devon Rex!