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long hair chart. 'Classic length' is past bottom of hip.

Waist length is ideal and my goal. I'm somewhere between armpit and bra strap length.

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How to grow your hair faster: in. in just 1 wk w/ olive oil treatment. Heat olive oil for 10 secs, apply to hair, leave for & wash out.

Growing your hair? This screen dump shows how long (in months) it will take to get to desired length. I'm between bra strap and mid back but aiming for that gorgeous waist length hair. Don't give up!

This is pretty close, mine may be a bit faster, once it gets past "bra strap," it grows like a weed though.

Hair length  chart

have you begun using your yet? Where are you in your hairfinity journey? Artwork by

Hair Growth Chart in Years and Inches....I wish I had seen this before I got my pixie cut a year ago.

7 Tips for Retaining Length in 4B/4C Natural Hair

Hair Growth Chart - 5 tips to understanding how hair grows and what you can do to aid in having healthy hair. (By the way, this chart basically says that your hair grows about half an inch a month, resulting in about six inches a year)