There's still time to get a little sunshine in your life at the Miami yoga  retreat! Get in touch now!  This is for all my bendy people who are working on full dancer's pose.

How to Flip the Grip in Dancer's Pose with a Strap

How to Flip the Grip in Dancer's Pose with a Strap Pin now, practice later! How to flip the grip for full dancer's pose

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300 Abs Workout Routine - Health Fitness Training Sixpack Plan - Yeah We Train !

What's the best way to watch a summer sunset? With a dancer in front of it of course!

Top 10 most stunning sunset photos we have found. Be sure to check out our quick tips video so you can start shooting amazing sunsets of your own! AN AMAZING SUNSET PHOTO!

Miranda Kerr for Numéro Tokyo June 2012

Miranda Kerr by Nino Muñoz for Numéro Tokyo June 2012

Miranda on My Mind - Numéro Tokyo Miranda Kerr plays a lady for the June cover shoot of Numéro Tokyo by Nino Muñoz. Fashion editor Akari Endo-Gaut dresses the Australian beauty in elegant spring.

Yoga Challenge: Miami Beach! | Sam and Teagan - YouTube

Welcome to Squared the only twin channel made just for twins. Sam and Teagan share more of their adventures in America! This week they're in Miami Beach and .