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......bloody lost the competition again! The T&C's clearly state that its the first person to like AND share the photo ....erm, that'll be ME then! But no, the SAME woman who won last time, won AGAIN (likes but doesn't share). And yes, I have popped a 'comment' on their page. I await their response.

from sofeminine

Quit The Excuses! 50 Motivational Fitness Quotes To Get Your Ass Up And In Shape


When I fall i'm glad I do because that means that I tried something new and to anyone who is scared to fall or when they are embarrassed just stop and think.....I tried a new skill today and remember, if you have fear you have passion!!!!!!!


People ask me whats wrong with me and why I'm sitting like that and all I say is "Calm down, it's comfortable for me, If you have a problem with it move!"