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This is a collection of parachute games that can be easily played with children. MUSHROOM This is a simple exercise to get the children used to the parachute. All the children are asked to bend down and take hold of the parachute. When the leader calls ‘up’ the children lift the parachute up as high …


Your Child's First Dance Class

It's that time. Your child is finally taking their very first dance class, and is so excited about it. But what will they need for their class? While the essentials vary from studio to studio, below is a basic list to get you started.- my daughter in a few years :)

from TutuTix

Ballet Terms for Beginners

Barre work is the most important part of ballet class. The barre is where you learn to stand, move, and think like a dancer. Without the support of the barre, a student’s alignment, technique, and confidence are tested. You can build a solid foundation...