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Jimmy Larsen in Bedtime Stories - by Bell Soto - Jon Magazine - Mars 2014

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17 Adorable Dog Dads Who Are Crazy In Love With Their Pups

I'm Gavyn Cartwell and I'm nineteen years old. I'm originally from Erudite but I made it through the initiation with flying colors. I run a tattoo parlor in the Pit and I get frequent customers. I live above the parlor with my girlfriend, Lena, and when she's not working, she helps me down there.

20 Guys With Tattoos That Make Them Hotter Than They Already Are

I never pin hot guys..but good god this kid gives me shivers. Sorry, I had to do it.

franksstupidsuit: “vogue-copenhagen: “ ilymorgannn: “ how is this legal ” lady boner ” Stephen James’ tattoos are so sick, Salvador Dali portrait sleeve, his torso and back pieces as well ” Wtf😍

Name's Aron. Riley is my sister. I'm 18 and single *wink*. I'm flirty, rebellious, and easily angered, and when I am, you want to get as far away from me as possible.

The Alpha's Nightmare - {02} I Won't Hurt You Anymore

For those undeniably attracted to fellas we definitely shouldn't be ;) Tats, cigs, piercings, and effortlessly sexy mysteriousness accepted here.

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You may have seen our Fluff Friday post last week about hot guys with dogs, but we’re not kitten around, it ain’t over yet! Cats deserve some man-love, too.

Oh. My. Delicious piece of man. He is beautiful.

Tats and guages I've seriously posted him (Stephen James) like a billion times Good god he's gorgeous. Just looked at more recent pics and he looks even better and he's got a lot more ink now :)

Okay, so I've grown to love guys who have tattoos. Adam Levin is my inspiration tehehe.

31 lovely quotes about love

a nice beard wouldn't go amiss either ;) I'll never chase a man, but if he has tattoos and muscles, a bitch just might power-walk. For all tattooed skincare needs. Australian made from high quality natural essential oils. Best Pre\Post tattoo care!

Heridas Ocultas - Capítulo veintiocho.