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Tom Hardy - UK Esquire January 2017- he is the only man the saggy pants look is acceptable on!

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She's the daughter of ravens • prettygirlsandbourbon: tomhardyvariations…

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michelle ✨ #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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K-2SO by Imajinn-Design

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Eddie Redmayne's most stylish looks (and a few fashion faux pas)

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this is so true... one of these heroes saved my life... he's the last one in the…>>>is it just me that gets uncomfortable when dan and phil aren't next to each other on things like this

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When life gets you down you can always rely on sloths to keep you going... Don't you wish you could be hugged by this little guy?

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Well, that f**king settles it...I'm getting some cats and calling it quits, my friends....

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