Free printable baby shower games!

I know you guys HATE baby games but these are cute bc you can put them in BABY year album and she can read about you guys from friends when she grows up.

Harley bike nappy cake   32 nappies,  1 blanket,  1 muslin,  Johnson’s cotton buds or Baby Bottle,  Vest, ,  booties,  bib,  dummy   teddy.

DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake Mata cuñis how cute is this! i wanna make it for lilis baby shower =]

Baby shower games: Beer in a bottle chug

Beer in a bottle chug. Another game, she would like to have this one as a co-ed partner game (so more ppl can be involved) . One person w/their hands behind their back while the other person bottle feeds them. whomever gets done first wins.

Baby shower game - Melt a different candy bar into each diaper then have guests look and smell to guess what type of mess was in the diaper.

Do's And Don'ts of Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower game - Crap Happens Game, melt a candy bar in each diaper and see who can guess the most correctly by just sight and smell!

safari cakes | safari cake and cupcake combo.jpg

Jungle, Safari, and Zoo Cake Ideas & Inspirations

Creative and simple birth announcement my husband and I made :)

Creative ways to announce a pregnancy anywhere!

Creative and simple birth announcement my husband and I made :) except we could have you guys blurred in the background hugging kissing etc