Gunslinger Girl (2003) On the surface, the Social Welfare Agency appears to help orphaned schoolgirls, but it's actually turning them into lethal agents. Brainwashed and teamed with veteran assassins, you'd never suspect they're on a mission to kill.

Gunslinger Girl I actually enjoyed this anime more than I thought I would. The concept of the show is great. The hardships these poor girls endure really tugs at my heart strings

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl anime info and recommendations. Henrietta is a young girl who works for a "we.

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Gunslinger Girl was really interesting in a lot of ways

I love me some anime.. and Gunslinger Girls is one of my favorites!

Gunslinger Girl Motivator featuring Claes and Triella.

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Gunslinger Girl by Yu Aida. Cyborg girls with their handlers (a Fratello) working for an Italian military counter-terrorist agency while trying to live everyday lives.