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Fanart: “Rebirth Alternative” by tansy9

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Makes me laugh thinking about Dave and Sam playing thier video games...

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This illustration is a poster of a video game. I really like the effect of the lines because they have strong tone. The background is good and has a hint of color. There is a lot of texture used in the background where there maybe other things hidden. The thing I like the best is the machine gun because of the way it reflex. In the helmet you can see reflections.

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"YOU JUST SHOT THAT GUY IN THE FACE WITH A SHOT GUN OMG YOURE GONNA DIE STOP IT FREAKIN I AM SO DONE!!!" ..."Kiddo, what the heck are you doing??"..."relaxing ma!"

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Dat logic !

Call of duty in a nutshell (gif)

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ahhh game out my friend's channel...

ahhh game out my friend's channel...

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Oh wtf what the actual flying Pegasus fuck Lee

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Cause We're Gamerz on

Any part of a game that requires stealth I end with guns blazing

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