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How to Train a Hunting Dog To Retrieve

How To Train Dog To Hunt | Survival Skills by Pioneer Settler at


Getting a new gun dog off to a good start is critical to future hunting success. Find out how to maximize your early training for best results at Gun Dog.

The basis for all training starts with introducing your dog to critical aspects of the hunt at critical times in his development. Regardless of whether you’re raising a pointer for quail, a retriever for mallards, or a hound for raccoons, new experiences should always take place in a controlled environment and be a positive experience.


Gun Dog Training: Teach the "Place" Command | Field & Stream --The “place” command is a great tool to introduce to any dog, and especially retrievers. Waterfowl hunters often need their dogs to stay and work from a distance, be it 10 feet or 20 yards. --Article by T. Edward Nickens