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real, working custom electric guitars for both kids. Brian's planning to build. :)

This site has some very useful ideas--4/4 time game, child coming up with the combination of notes for 4/4 time. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: A Music Measure of Math

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Cardboard instruments

Cardboard instruments- 1. Cut out a smooth hole in the shoebox lid. 2. Place 4 or 6 elastic bands around the shoebox, starting with the thickest closest to you then gradually getting smaller. 3. Take 2 pencils or something protruding and put each one toward the end of the box at both sides, creating the bridge for the guitar. 4. Your guitar is ready to be strummed!

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Keyboard / Piano Stickers up to 61 KEYS the best way to learn Piano

This set of label stickers is for a 61 key piano or keyboard, Labels are in order ready to be placed on the keys with middle C highlighted for easy

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Homemade baby guitar instrument using rubber bands

Homemade baby guitar musical instrument using rubber bands. So easy to make and fun for kids to play with. - Laughing Kids Learn

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How to Read Music

Worksheets: How to Read Music. I guess I need to learn how to read music in order to learn how to play the piano (and the guitar.)

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Schoenhut 609OR Electric Guitar, Orange by Schoenhut. $293.99. A great travel instrument for players of all ages. For ages 6 years and up. Arrives ready to play...just plug it in and begin strumming!. Includes a Tuning wrench, pick and extra string. An ideal first guitar for kids. Schoenhut 609OR Electric Guitar, Orange - An ideal first guitar for kids and a great travel instrument for players of all ages. The Schoenhut guitar will arrive ready to play. Just plug it in and ...