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Diatonic Triads Chart | ... chord poster come with a free bonus chart the chord progression chart

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The art of punk posters

Credit: PR The Clash, Clash City Rockers / Jail Guitar Doors Poster, 1978 The Clash seldom appeared on their tou...

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Storm Thorgerson album covers 1975-2011

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here- Love playing the song WYWH on guitar, and am a huge fan of Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

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Led Zeppelin poster artwork. #ledzeppelin #music #musician

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The Smiths were an English alternative rock band, formed in Manchester in 1982. Based on the song writing partnership of Morrissey (vocals) and Johnny Marr (guitar), the band also included Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums). Critics have called them the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s.

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minimalist poster for the folk music genre. part of a poster series where 12 designers from around the world represent a musical genre using just one shape and one type.

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a great idea to represent guitar and guitars in general. From:

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Math in Music Education Kids of new generation should have different methods of training .They capable to perceive information faster, with cross-modal processing ,activating all senses at once : visual perception, audio analyzers , neuromotor functions. Stepanov Ukraine

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I like this; Represents two sides of music. Some songs get you pumped up, while others a reflective of an emotion you are feeling. Life and it's duality.

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Bass Guitar Chord Charts poster includes the seven basic guitar chord fingers for the seven major chords, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Fingerings for each chord are shown in 3 variations, major, minor and 7th. Along with the chord fingerings, is included a guitar fretboard with the major notes for the first 12 frets. The sharps and flats have been left out to make the fret board a little easier to read. This easy to see poster is a great reference for the beginner or intermediate guitar player.

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Guitar chord charts poster, has the seven basic guitar chords with their fingerings. Has the major, minor and seventh chords. Includes fret board with individual notes marked, available at $12.75

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☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱╮Hippie Style, Free Spirit, Boho, - レ o √ 乇 !! ✿⊱╮❥☮ Foo Fighters music poster

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Metallica Hetfield Guitar Poster Flag

Gretsch G6120 Custom Pin Stripe, Limited one of a kind, electric guitar, Masterbuild by Stephen Stern #gretsch #guitar #thomann

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