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Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is very diverse, with a wide variety of land, climate changes, and wildlife. Africa is the most populated continent, with 1,022,234,000 people. African languages are varied with more than 1,000 languages spoken across the continent.


254 Flags of the World

CUS1.3- Dot point 6: recognises the importance of flags and other symbols to cultural identity. Recognisisng the 254 Flags of the World


Map of Oceania, Geography of Australia and Oceania Maps, Countries, Landforms, Rivers, Polynesia and Geography Information -


NeoPlex Guinea Country Traditional Flag

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The 10 most pristine places on Earth

Most pristine places in the world. Papua New Guinea is one of the most rural and least explored places in the world. Scientists believe that many of the world's undiscovered species of plants and animals exist in the jungle interior of the country.

Travel to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country located in the Oceania region in the Pacific Ocean. Despite being a relatively smaller country, it is actually filled with a lot of diversity that makes it worthwhile to travel to Papua New Guinea.