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Copenhagen Zoo's bus has been printed with the image of snake wrapped around it, I personally think it looks really realistic by looking at this photograph. Its a great way to get children excited and its very impressive, if this is the effort they make with the bus I wonder what the actual zoo is like.

122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

Snakes on a bus! Here's a guerrilla marketing bus wrap campaign featuring a realistic-looking larger-than-life snake squeezing a bus to promote the wildest place on earth, Zoo

new dance studio from

15 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Ballet lessons advertising flyer looks a tutu. Good promotional idea could work for any type of dance or fitness program/classes.

This is a neat idea for an advertisement.  Kit Kat's slogan is break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.  The bench are actual kit kat pieces and the wrapper signifies the breaking.  They took something very ordinary and use it to create something great.

I saw this outdoor ad for Kit Kat and wanted to share it. The ad is a park bench disguised as a giant Kit Kat bar, with the line "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat." It is a great idea and I like the execution of the ad, as the…

23 Excellent Examples of Creative Advertising - UltraLinx

23 Excellent Examples of Creative Advertising

The 80 guerrilla marketing ideas. Very clever ideas! I like the one by Mercedes Benz a lot.

The 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas i've ever seen

These are the 80 best guerilla marketing examples / ideas I have ever seen. If you are looking for Gorilla, Guerilla, Guerrilla Marketing Examples, you found it

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Campagne d’affiches et sans-abris.

Placement of poster adds even more meaning by replacing where a human would usually be. The bold text draws attention and encourages the passerby to reflect how they'd normally act if it were a person

Guerrilla Marketing: 122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

There is good advertising and there is bad advertising. There is even good guerilla advertising—depending on who you ask.

I really like the concept of this idea showing how Nivea cares for skin. Although I feel it would have been more effective putting the sofa in a more appropriate place I love the thought process behind it and really think its effective in delivering its message.

The 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas i've ever seen

'good-bye cellulite' sofa for nivea during miami fashion week, skin and beauty care company, nivea was around to promote their product 'good-bye cellulite'

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NON TRADITIONAL AD: Guerrilla Marketing. The kissing point is very French romantic style. I wish I know what the whole campaign idea is. If it says the same thing as the big idea says, this guerrilla is a cool idea.

Tyskie beer advertisement. Brought to you by - promotional products for your business.

122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

A great way to get people to reach for your product, design stickers that go with the door handles. That’s what Tyskie Beer did. When you reach to open the door, Tyskie makes it looks like you are actually reaching for a refreshing Tyskie beer.

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means (graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs,...) are utilized.

20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

An advertisement by Jung von Matt/Alster for watchmaker IWC. Bus straps have been fashioned from images of IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch to allow bus travellers near the airport to try before they buy at Berlin, Germany. 16 more advertisements after the jump.

PETA Tries Fat-Shaming to Convince People to Go Vegan - Print (image) -

PETA: Go Vegan bus ad

Example of a fat-shaming PETA ad on the back of a city bus. Again, this is not okay. Two problems F*ck PETA - danceswithfat

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40 traffic-stopping examples of billboard advertising

The Australian Childhood Foundation partnered with advertising agency JWT to create this unique and powerful billboard design, with the aim of raising awareness of neglect as a form of child abuse.

Top 13 guerilla marketing examples that will blow your mind

Top 13 guerilla marketing examples that will blow your mind