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Homemade Guava Paste | Not a Chef, but I can Cook!

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Guava and Cream Cheese Pastry

Guava Puff pastry Guava and Cream Cheese Pastry Recipe at

Guayabate (Guava Paste) | The FruitGuys

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How to Make Guava Jelly

How to Make Guava Jelly (with Pictures) | eHow

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Fun to Say, Fun to Eat: 10 Ways to Use Guava Paste

Some yummy ideas for the giant block of guava paste Fernando brought back from Mexico.


cream cheese scones with guava paste. More

Super simple, super delicious #Cuban guava pastries are easier than you think! Puff pastry, guava paste, and cream cheese- just three main ingredients! Watch out- these things are addictive! #recipe


Cheese is a common pairing for guava paste. Guava empanadas are often made with cream cheese, queso blanco or farmer's cheese. Or, you can simply cut it into squares and serve with cheese for a quick appetizer.

Guava paste with Cheese (Bocadillo con Queso)


REGGAE BARBECUE SAUCE ~~~ guava paste, rum, mango, lime, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, and habanero [Jamaica, Modern] [Sarah Crowder] [recipe]