Gtr car

GTR,  only import I love!! Only one I'd drive,......besides nsx...I like NSX

10 Cars No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

Mean looking Nissan GTR. When regular tires aren't enough, fill them with nitrogen and you get this incredibly fast car that performs well in the turns. I love sport cars sports cars - Love Cars & Motorcycles

R34 Nissan Skyline...there's a garage spot reserved for one of my future garage...

No matter how old I get, I'll always want one of these.Skyline GT-R

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I chose this picture because i am a big fan of the Skyline GTR and i like the calm nature environment that the picture is being taken at.

McLaren P1 GTR...

McLaren GTR, a Limited Production. Making its debut at the International Geneva Motor Show The track dedicated McLaren GTR will be presented with only minor modifications to the concept presented six months ago.