A pequena semente sabia que para poder crescer, teria de ser lançada para a lama, ser coberta e ficar na escuridão e lutar para alcançar a luz!                                                                                                                                                      More

The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered with darkness, and struggle to reach the light. Beautiful and touching quote about

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Sometimes the old ways or feelings will come back. In time you will evolve to the next greater version of yourself. Trust and work towards your goal.

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We’re either going to be the type of people who label ourselves permanently incompetent when things breakdown or embrace the challenge to take on a growth mindset.

Rebounding from Failure: How to Take On a Growth Mindset

Constant evolution, and continuously embracing change leaves you open to judgment. Compare yourself to no one and stay curious about how you can keep growing.

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Top 35 Love Quotes

Personal growth love yourself rejection forgive everything happens for a reason what doesnt kill you makes you stronger Top 35 Love Quotes

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The Law Of Attraction And Love

Learning this right now at this time in my life...it's hard, but I'm not giving up!

This is why Trump's presidency is going to be a good thing for Progressives, and why I welcome the challenge. GROWTH, realizing unity empowers WE THE PEOPLE & change will come through unity on common ground.

Two options - Abraham Maslow

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