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If you enjoy eating fresh salsa in the summer, growing a salsa garden will provide you with the fresh ingredients you need to whip up salsa at a moments notice. The basic ingredients that go into salsa are tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, and cilantro. See how you can plant all of these ingredients in a 4x4 foot raised bed or square foot garden.

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How to Grow Peppers from Seed

I've always been nervous to try growing my own peppers from seed, but this site has great instructions for exactly how to do it. I'm totally going to try it this year!

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Growing Peppers In Containers – How To Grow Peppers In Pots

Just because you don’t have a garden to grow them in does not mean that you can’t grow peppers. Growing peppers in planters is easy. The tips in this article can help with how to grow peppers in pots.

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How to grow chillies anywhere in Britain

Even in the coldest parts of the UK, it is possible to grow your own chillies and January to February is the perfect time for planting peppers.

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Veg garden: How to grow your own chillies

How to grow your own chillies. Download this free veg growing guide to sowing seeds, growing hot chillies and harvesting and drying the chillies. Perfect grow your own guides for the kitchen garden


Going to be growing peppers this year in your garden? You can Grow Peppers Better with these great tips!

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How to Grow Bell Peppers in Pots

Growing bell peppers in pots.

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Grow Bell Peppers Indoors

Bell peppers take a little work to grow, but the amount of work needed to grow them indoors is not much more than the amount of work needed to grow them outdoors. Keeping the plants moist and warm enough poses the most difficult obstacle,...