Okra is a delicious vegetable that is low in calorie and good for health. You don't need a lot of space to plant it. See how you can grow okra in a pot

Okra is a healthy addition to your plate, and a beautiful bloomer in the garden. Growing your own is easy. Here's how.

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"All About Growing Okra" Growing okra is easy in warm climates, but even Northern gardeners can plant okra in sun-warmed containers. This guide includes descriptions of the types of okra, how to plant okra, and how to harvest okra pods in their prime. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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We love okra in our house! Here's how to grow and harvest these delightful little yummers!

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Gardening Tips For Growing Fantastic Okra - Growing okra is simple once you know a few tips. Once you know the healthy okra benefits and how easy it is to grow in your organic vegetable garden. You will want it in yours. Easy enough for beginners. Okra is used in so many recipes from pickled okra to gumbo and even stuffed okra flower.

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