I really like this chart showing the depths to plant certain bulbs, too cool.

Bulb Planting - Diagram of how deep to plant bulbs in your garden. Includes table of depth and planting distance for common bulbs.

How to grow irises

Iris - Perennial Bulb with a Majestic Appeal

For this project you'll simply plop a few bulbs into a container and add water. Let your kids help choose the perfect colors and decorate the pot to give as a holiday gift to a favorite teacher. They'll love watching the sprouts emerge. You will need : bulbs (used here: amaryllis, Paperwhite, pre-chilled daffodils) containers,…

How to Grow flower Bulbs in water

Alternative Gardening: How to Grow flower Bulbs in water. Make sure only roots are in water as the bulb will rot if left to sit in water.

It is common to bring in an early blooming plant and force it to flower in a vase of water, but can flower bulbs grow in water? Growing bulbs in water is easy but you need to know a few things first. This article will help with that.

Growing Bulbs In Water –Tips On Forcing Bulbs Indoors In Water

Growing Bulbs in Outdoor Containers | Garden Bulb Blog: Flower Bulbs & Gardening Tips

Growing Bulbs in Outdoor Containers. Idea for next spring. Perfect for Texas where you gotta freeze bulbs to have them bloom!