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I'm not even a teenager anymore, I'm 21 years old but I look about 14 so I get worried that they'll think I'm one of them! I have no idea why?!

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Murder in the Dark is a fabulously fun group game for tweens, teens, and adults to play.

If your'e looking for a game to help your students learn those 2nd 100 Fry Words, then this game is just what you need. This game works great in a center, a small group with adult supervision, or a Response To Intervention group. I am an interventionist with 1st and 2nd graders and this game works great in small groups.

A great word game for young and old alike! Available as an instant digital download from my Etsy store. Games for the elderly, Elderly activities, children's games, game for children

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A great game to play in a large adult group. This game is perfect for the more sophisticated team. Great questions and a good game to play.

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