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We visited the WTC tribute center/ground zero over memorial. We would love to visit One World Trade Center/ground zero memorial when it is finished. It is a very humbling experience.

FDNY Memorial Wall Ground Zero, New York

FDNY Memorial Wall Ground Zero, New York. Now that I'm older and appreciate what this signifies I want to go back.

Ground Zero lights                                                                                                                                                     More

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Lights of Twin Towers at Ground Zero, NY We went to New York when my boys were thirteen. It was a fantastic vacation! We were touched by ground zero, and we all want to return to see it now.

St. Paul's Chapel.across the street from Ground Zero...suffered not even a cracked window when the Twin Towers fell.

Paul's Chapel (part of Parish of Trinity Church; oldest public building in continuous use in NYC; across street from Ground Zero, not even a cracked window when the Twin Towers fell)

Amazing Pic of Ground Zero Lights

Twin Towers Memorial, New York City. Shafts of light memorialize the World Trade Towers that were destroyed by terrorists on 11 September 2001

Ground Zero memorial~we will never forget, because we can't.... สถานที่รำลึกเหตุการณ์ 9/11 ที่ Ground Zero เปิดแล้ว

The memorial lights representing the twin towers ! God bless the victims families today ! Never forget ❤💙

NEW YORK  Rising from the ashes! One World Trade Center 1776ft.

Ground Zero Master Plan / Studio Daniel Libeskind

The Freedom Tower - World Trade Center - New York City - Replacement for the fallen Twin Towers - Standing feet tall - The Tallest Building in the USA