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Mistletoe, The Golden Bough, rules 23rd December, the day of the year and a day. The Celtic lunar calendar reckoned the year in 13 months of 28 days ~ 364 days, so to complete the year an extra day was added giving the year and a day. The Druids believed that Mistletoe was too sacred to be given a name or symbol, but called it "Allheal" because of its powerful medicinal properties; it is now being tested as a possible cure for cancer. Druids cut the Mistletoe with a golden sickle, and caught…

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Alchemical symbols. I can now use this to figure out just what on Earth the transmutation circle on my Fullmetal shirt is supposed to be for.

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Strong, clear shadow. Sun behind object. I will try and include strong shadows like this in my own photos, except with buildings and perhaps with the shadows producing a pattern.

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Minimalist posters drive home the dangers of texting while driving

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The Bay of Laganas, located on the South West coast of Zante Zakynthos, Zante in the Greek Islands is considered to be the largest nesting ground in the Mediterranean for the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtle.

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