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Spray (bottle) painting - help strengthen grip and control while spray painting with a spray bottle! Make it extra educational by adding letters, numbers, or sight words for students to spray as they are called out. The activity is great for letter recognition, letter sounds, letter associations, hand grip, fine motor control, gross motor control, and following directions.

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G is for Gross Motor Activities with Bubble Wrap

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Developing gross motor skills and upper arm strength by washing the windows with rollers and squeegees. EYFS

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20+ Simple Hands On Activities That Help Build Fine Motor Skills

20+ Simple Hands-On Activities That Help Build Fine Motor Skills - with fine motor skills going missing at preschool, try some of these hands-on invitations to help strengthen fine motor skills | you clever monkey

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Whisking up soap flakes in the water tray- excellent for gross motor / pre writing skills! EYFS

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We have recently sorted our provision in the water tray to ensure a focus on #finemotorskills primary over than #grossmotorskills, so we enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line. There was barely space to wash the clothes in the end as everyone wanted to join in. As well as wringing the clothes of water and in turn developing gross motor skills they also developed their fine motor skills by squeezing open the pegs! Also lots of fun!

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This activity would be good for the physical development of preschoolers because they will learn motor skills on how to put the pipe cleaners threw the little holes on the strainers. I feel like this is an age appropriate activity because it seems like something they could do without being bored easily.

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