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World War 1 - 100 years ago, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, walked out into the desolation of "No-Man’s Land" and shook hands. The cause was the Christmas Cease Fire of 1914. In a moment unique to the First World War, troops were given a moment of respite from the horrors of the war when soldiers exchanged gifts, looked at each others’ family photographs and played friendly games of football with the enemy.


Make a THINGS I LIKE Poster!

Each week, depending on the theme, we can have them look through magazines or grocery ads with parents and then cut and paste their favorite things. i.e. favorite foods, favorite games, family members, etc.. We can have them do little themes each week (themes will be given on Friday for them) and the Friday after we will find what they had discovered. It will help them learn their favorite things in English!


Winter is here! #winter #us #grocery #ads

Tab - 70's - taken off the market because cyclamates were believed to cause cancer - and NOW we have aspartame, which is neurotoxic and in EVERYTHING -- follow the money


Thanksgiving Budget Activity

Have your students use this sheet and your local grocery ads to plan a Thanksgiving meal on a budget. Great math application to a real life situation!