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Welsh cakes

Welsh cakes. Similar to griddle scones, they have added fruit in the form of currants or raisins and are cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan.

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Epic hot chocolate

This hot chocolate is off the scale. It's so simple to make and is much better than that shop-bought stuff you get, which is often full of rubbish and probably hasn't got much chocolate in it anyway. I don't want you to feel cheated, I want you to have the real thing… life's too short not to.

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Welsh Cakes (Pice ar y Maen): Classic and traditional Welsh griddle cakes of spiced curranted dough cooked on a bakestone or griddle pan

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Mediterranean bean stew with potato griddle cakes

A veggie-packed stew gets served with tasty fried potato cakes in this winter warmer of a vegan recipe.

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Spiced Yellow Split Pea And Sweetcorn Soup With Cheesy Arepas

Spiced yellow split pea and sweetcorn soup with cheesy arepas (corn griddle cakes)

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Romantic Welsh Griddle Cakes

Baked with Love! Valentine’s Day – Love is in the Air with Romantic Welsh Griddle Cakes for Tea Time Treats