Grey chinaware

Barn door pantry offers plenty of storage space for chinaware [Design: Robert Paige Cabinetry / Photography by William Quarles]

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"林拓児「化粧焼き締めマグカップ(太)」の詳細ページです。" ----- 'It is a work that feels a delicacy in the details.' -- 林 拓児 Takuji Hayashi

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Grey dress detail with artful fabric manipulation creating skeletal patterns, texture & symmetry // Yiqing Yin

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vintage bone china tea cup and saucer, Royal Stafford English tea set, blue and gold tea cup set

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"nice idea for kitchen. lots of vintage style plates on the wall together" Repinned by

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Accented in an earthy, dark brown, and draped with a soft, matte glaze of brown, white, or stone grey, and accented with a deep, rich brown, each and every one of these essential oil diffuser pendants is a little different. The sun and moon are said to represent the concept of duality forming a whole, or an example of opposite forces, such as day and night, being complimentary. Though it has its roots in astrology, it is often compared to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, and the yin-yang…

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