gremlins 1984 I LOVE this movie :)  Gizmo is the most adorable thing ever!

What throwaway movie scene still pisses you off even to this day?

One of the top five alternative Christmas Eve film choices, gremlins 1984 I LOVE this movie :) Gizmo is the most adorable thing ever!

Baby Mogwai Gizmo by GakmanCreatures on Etsy

Remember, there are three specific instructions for looking after Mogwai: never expose it to bright light (especially sunlight, which will kill

I wanted this Gremlin!!! Okay, still do!

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Gremlins - I loved Gizmo!

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I love the and growing up watching Gremlins was awesome. Gizmo is so cute! When are they going to remake this movie.gremlins would be RADICAL dude!

I've been obsessed with "The Gremlins" lately because they've been on TV a lot! Gizmo! ahhh so cute!

It is surprising how bad has aged. But it still remains a fairly good, often imitated, family-comedy-horror-romp. Plus who can't resist the cuddly charm of Gizmo? Divorced Dads Cinema Club Rating - Non-stop nostalgic mayhem;

Gizmo (Gremlins, 1984)

5 Best Movies to Watch - Gremlins

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Papertoys Gremlins de Sercho (x 2)

Anatomy poster of a gremlin. I always imagined they were just full of candy and rainbows. Lol

Anatomy Posters Of Legendary Movie Monsters

Anatomy of a Mogwai - Another fantastic anatomical movie monster by Minneapolis based illustrator Brad McGinty. This poster details the anatomy of the cute little Mogwai from Gremlins.