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THE ROOM Tommy Wiseau Uncut Ultra RARE Cult Fave DVD

A movie truly so bad, it is amazing. It is the story of a love triangle between Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), Lisa (Juliette Danielle), and Johnny's best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). At 100 minutes long, this piece of cinematic gold promises to provide more laughs that can be properly stood. The quotes from this movie alone make it worth watching. Prepare for some awkward sex scenes though.


You Have To Listen To Greg Sestero's Tommy Wiseau Impression

Listen To Greg Sestero's Awesome Tommy Wiseau Impression In This 'Disaster Artist' Audioclip // THIS MOVIE IS SO BAD IT'S GOOD


James Franco and brother Dave film The Disaster Artist

Hair raising: Dave was not much easier to recognise in his blonde wig and facial hair to play The Room actor Greg Sestero

If you've ever laughed through The Room, you won't believe that The Disaster Artist (written by star Greg Sestero) will make you feel sympathy for Tommy Wiseau. A must-read. [Natalie]

BEST F(R)IENDS Trailer (2017) Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero Movie - YouTube

“Oh hi Mark!”: Here’s an exclusive look at the introduction to Greg Sestero’s book about The Room

The story of the worst movie ever made, from a guy who was in the thick of it.