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the texture of these pods almost look identical to each other like a repeat pattern the colours are blends of green and brown


Why Green Beef Tripe is Good for Dogs. Have you heard of green beef tripe and were curious about what it is, the benefits, and if it's right for your dog? Here's a post sharing what I've learned and one thing is that it's not just for raw fed dogs. Today, we can now buy fresh green tripe, green tripe treats, canned green tripe, and green tripe dry food (PetKind).


Beef Tripe info for professional chefs and foodies. Green Tripe, Honeycomb, and other types of Tripe for this offal variety.

Green tripe is an all time favorite amongst my dogs, and every other dog who has ever eaten it. Numerous benefits to it. My Pet Carnivore is an awesome supplier located in Indianapolis, and they deliver throughout the Midwest.


My dog's love this green tripe from Wolf Tucker and they tell me it's oh so tasty!

This is a very popular recipe within this range. Most dogs seem to love green tripe, so this product can be an excellent way to get an otherwise fussy dog to eat. Developed specifically for working dogs with an extra shot of vitamin C, this recipe helps support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy ligaments and joints.

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