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The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

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Do you know green tea makes you healthy and help you lose weight? Drinking green tea each day is beneficial not only for its antioxidant content but studies have indicated that if one cup is drank each day for a year that can bring about a loss of five pounds!! (but don't add sugar or honey).

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Organic Herbal Tea Advantages - Green Tea Green tea is originated from China and has been in their culture since many centuries ago. Even now green tea is cultivated mainly in India, China, Japan and Thailand and has been consumed throughout the ages. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, practitioners used green tea as a stimulant, diuretic (to promote the excretion of urine), astringent (to control bleeding and help heal wounds), and to improve heart health. Other traditional uses…

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9 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Why Drink Tea? especially Green Tea Tea has been drunk for thousands of years, for example in China it has been drunk for weight loss, prevention against hangovers and even a reduction to the common cold but we look into some of the more surprising advantages of drinking tea everyday and in particular the benefits of green

The advantages of green tea seem to go on and on and on...DRINK MORE GREEN TEA

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Does Green Tea Suppress Your Appetite?

Healthy Food Swaps - No one wants to give up their favorite foods. But if you swap them out for equally delicious and much healthier alternatives, the numbers really add up over the course of the year. Here are 5 easy switches to try.

Foods Consume by the Healthiest People. The Okinawa diet. A traditional Okinawan breakfast consist of miso soup with spinach or eggs with rice; while a typical lunch would be papaya, tofu, and dark green leafy vegetables, and sweet green tea, with a bitter citrus fruit for a snack in the afternoons. They regularly use the powerful anti-inflammatory spice turmeric to flavor dishes. They replenish their cups from a large pot of green tea all day long and use mugwort and hibiscus to make herb…

Know the Advantages and Side Effects of Green Tea Before Using It to Lose Neck Fat #greentea #neckfat #advantagesandsideeffectsofgreentea