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Habits and Traits of Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs - Family Pentatomidae: Green stink bug adult, with triangular scutellum marked in blue.

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Green stink bug (nezara viridula) with yellow paper background [1280x853][OS][OC]

Green Stink Bugs (Nymphs) - acrylic paint on wood slices

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Side view of a green stink bug (Chinavia hilaris) perched on a shrub honeysuckle leaf. That is one lonnnnnnng proboscis tucked under there!

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Common stinkbugs: (clockwise from left) southern green stink bug, Acrosternum hilare; redshouldered stink bug, Thyanta pallidovirens; and consperse stink bug, Euschistus conspersus.

Egg of Tricopoda pennipes, a tachinid parasitic fly, on left wing pad of a 5th instar nymph of the green stink bug, Chinavia halaris (Say).

Green Stink Bug nymph (Chinavia hilaris) by Fred Roe on Flickr