Yummy! No Recipe, just wash and eat <3

Green grapes, a simple and healthy snack. My fruit bowl is always full of them!

Green Grape Sorbet- A healthy dessert or treat! Blendtec or Vitamix sorbet recipe! via www.geniabeme.com

Green Grape Sorbet

Go for a tasty smoothie in the a.m.! These Green Grape, Apple, and Cinnamon Smoothies are a great treat that is good for you!

Green Grape, Apple, and Cinnamon Smoothies

Green Grape, Apple, and Cinnamon Smoothie- juice the apple & leave out milk. Prob half tablespoon honey is enough (per serve). Can add spinach for vitamins boost - haven't tried this yet.

green grapes tart

green grapes tart

Prosecco Grapes 2 lb. green grapes 1 bottle prosecco 1/2 c. sugar In a large bowl, pour prosecco OR Gingerale OR water over grapes. Let them soak in the fridge for at least 1 hour, unless using water than can use right away.. Drain in a colander and pat dry. On a shallow plate, roll the grapes in sugar until fully coated, then serve.

Prosecco Grapes

I am soo going to try these this weekend! Celebrating several things. Celebrate In Style With These Boozy Prosecco Grapes

Edible Flower Salad with Wild Strawberries and Grape Tomatoes

Edible Flower Salad with Wild Strawberries and Grape Tomatoes (fresh fruit salad green grapes)

Thoroughly wash a pound of grapes, and dump them into a large Ziploc bag while they’re still wet.  Pour in a box of Jello powder and shake shake shake!  When the grapes are fully coated, pour them out into a bowl and refrigerate until the sugar sets into a wonderfully crunchy shell.

sour patch grapes - great alternative to when you're craving sour candies

This looks Soooo Good::Pom seeds• red apple slices• strawbs• pink grapefruit• canteloupe• mandarin orange sections• mango• banana• green grapes• blues• blackberries.. .

Rainbow fruit plate food fruit rainbow healthy healthy food healthy eating food images food pictures rainbow fruit plate **try it with rose petal or pomegranate