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Super Green Goddess Hummus

Super Green Goddess Hummus - Ultra healthy, super delicious, and so easy to make!


Roasted Veggies with Green Goddess Dip

Green Goddess Dip

Green Goddess Dip and Dressing

A winning appetizer should be easy, fun, and delicious. What better way to bring all those ideas together in a bowl than with a tasty dip? To encourage you to go for it, we've rounded up more than 50 salsas, cheesy dips, hummus variations, and even a

Extra-Green Green Goddess Dip

Party idea: Green Goddess dip with a bit more Extra-Green Green Goddess Dip Recipe at

Green Goddess Dip and Dressing

Smooth, creamy, and vibrantly green in both color and flavor, green goddess dip is a classic recipe you ought to master. Traditionally this lush concoction is made with a generous dose of herbs, a few anchovies for a subtle savory note, and a decadent