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Vintage button wreath

Pear listed button wreath, these lovely buttons will glisten in varying lights, gorgeous. Christmas wreath


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Make this christmas special with handmade tree decorations that will last for may years to come. I have carefully handcut this mistletoe out of a double thickness of quality green felt, then blanket stitched around each branch, so they are really sturdy. Handcut the 10 or so small white felt berries and stitched them into place with a tiny white bead in the centre which catches the light. Then the 3 branches are stitched together at the top and a red/gold/green or gingham ribbon bow is…


Transform your outdoor space into a magical winter wonderland with our simple and striking twinkle lights. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our set of 750 warm white LED lights are scattered along a green cable and include an eight function controller that lets the lights twinkle, fade, flash or stay static. Display round your porch, in a garden tree or around your bannister.


Lovely! But if the rustic box isn't your style? A wicker basket. A silver tray with lower sides. A glass bowl with moss up the sides to obscure the "mechanics" of the arrangement. A decorative ceramic serving dish (I have an Italian one I could use!). I love the subdued green and white look.