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Green chemistry is a concept that crops up with increasing frequency; we've already discussed it here previously with reference to the Periodic Table's 'endangered' elements, and the recycling rate...

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A Helpful Chart That Explains the Chemicals That Give Autumn Leaves Their Color

A helpful chart by Compound Interest explains the chemicals that give leaves their color both when they are green and when they change color in autumn. Leaves are green because of chlorophyll, yell...

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Green Chemistry #Green Chemistry is the use of chemistry techniques and methodologies that reduce to eliminate the use or generation of feedstock, by-products, solvents, reagents, etc., that are hazardous to human health or environment. Green Chemistry is an approach to synthesize, process and use of chemicals that reduces the risk to human health or environment. New catalytic reaction processes continue to emerge to advance the goals of Green Chemistry, while techniques such as…

Glitter Tornado in a Jar - Cool Science Experiments for Kids

Cool Science Experiments for Kids – Get your kids interested in STEM → science, technology, engineering, and math with these easy science projects using physics and chemistry. Create a glitter tornado, shine pennies then turn them green, and catch ice on a string using supplies you have around the house. Smart is the New Cool! #free printable #STEM #lesson plan

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Why some animals have blue, green, or purple blood

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Ideas for Pollution and Green Chemistry Science Fair Projects

Interested in the environment? Design a science fair project that studies pollution or green chemistry.

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Beyond Benign - Green Chemistry Education - I heard about this organization on a Bioneers radio program. Sounds like the way of the future to me!

Future Trends in Green Chemistry #Future Trends in Green Chemistry includes oxidation reagent and catalysis, #Green Nanochemistry, #Green Analytical Chemistry, Non covalent derivatization , Supramolecular chemistry, Biometric multifunctional reagents, #Combinatorial green chemistry is the chemistry of being able to make large numbers of chemical compounds rapidly on a small scale using reaction matrices, Proliferation of solvent less reactions helps in development of product isolation…