"Robertson was to buy a green carnation at Goodyear’s in the Royal Arcade – ‘They grow them there,’ said Wilde – and to wear it at the performance. ... ‘And what does it mean?’ asked Robertson. Wilde replied, ‘Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess.’" —from Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellman

Green carnations are my favorite flowers:) love st.patricks day for this reason!

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Green Carnation Flowers

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jade carnations are becoming more popular along with dark purple carnations.

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Carnation, a naturally occurring pale ice green colour; as beloved by Mr. Oscar Wilde and his companion Aesthetes.

Clematis urophylla 'Winter beauty' - Winter flowering evergreen clematis

Clematis urophylla: Winter Beauty - Evergreen, Winter Flowering with a Slight Scent. Flowers are a Waxy Bell. Needs Some Winter protection. Pruning only Necessary for Growth Restriction.

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Pink rose with baby breath and blue twine? For grooms? Blue or white rose with baby breath and burlap rope twine for groom?