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Green Beret Motto

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<3 watching lucy and tom get married this weekend has made us SO excited for our own wedding day!! I can't wait!! It's going to be the BEST day ^^


Keep Your Head Up, Keep Your Heart Strong Art Print

keep your head up keep your heart strong | tom chalky | ben howard


Green Berets’ Letter to Washington: We WILL Support and Defend the Constitution Against ALL Enemies 31 January 2013....THANK YOU GOD!!!


The emblem of the SBS, Special Boat Service, shown here has the new motto, "By strength and guile." The old motto was, "Not by strength by guile." The old one is more sinister! Sgt Casey in The Witness is sinister. Don't mess with him!


The sculpture The Horse Soldier is dedicated to the United States Special Forces and commemorates the servicemen who fought in the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom. The monument is titled "De Oppresso Liber", which is the motto of the Green Berets. It means ‘Freedom from Oppression’. The base is subtitled “America’s Response Monument.” It was created by sculptor Douwe Blumberg