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This 21' 8" monster is one of the biggest great white sharks ever caught. An Australian shark-hunter by the name of Vic Hislop captured this giant in 1985.

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The Broadway Musical Home - The Musicals, People and Theatres of the Great White Way! I love all of these musicals except for "Once" this musical makes no sense and the performances on the Tony's and at the Thanksgiving Day Parade were terrible!!!!:(

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JAWS......In 3D at my Grandma's with those glasses TV Times gave away (poss cause she had colour TV and we didnt)

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Great White Shark - Why does every second monkey have to dive or make a movie about a great white? Is it to proof the size of your penis? Leave the great white alone. The great white does not bother you, you bother it! Unlike what you may think, the great white was not put there for your personal entertainment!

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I've always been a Cillian Murphy fan...and watching this show makes me think "yup, that's why I'm a fan. He's awesome."

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